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Cobra NH Slipons HD FLH Touring

Cobra Slipon Dämpfer 4 Zoll

• Destined for V-Twin glory The Cobra’s Neighbor Hater mufflers boast a soul-lifting boom.
• We offer these in two versions for the Baggers: The first uses 4-inch bodies that bell out to 4.5-inches
at the rear which features a smooth rolled end.
• That shape adds a megaphone enhancement to the sound, and the mechanical core exits in a trumpet-bell shape that allows the V-Twin sound track to flow at full song.
• The second version of our NH muffler is our 4-inch with beautifully machined aluminum tips which feature dual cuts finished in black with machined alluvial flutes.
• It’s a muffler for the rider who thinks, too loud, is just right.

Boulevard Cruiser Classic 2in2 Slipon Exhaust Systeme mit 4 Zoll Dämpfer

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