*exhausts for suisse/switzerland

For Switzerland we supply the ASA data sheet, which can homologate ABE systems in Switzerland. The system does not need to be tested or demonstrated. The ASA data sheet is supplied with the vehicle registration document. For this we need a copy of the vehicle registration certificate after purchase. The ASA data sheet meets the following criteria: As "approved for the vehicle type" and therefore not subject to registration and subject to inspection are: Replacement exhaust systems for which an approval for the corresponding vehicle type in accordance with Directive No. 97/24/EEC Chapter 9. The supplier's confirmation must clearly indicate for which vehicle type the system is intended: - make and type of vehicle for which the installation is intended, indicating the Swiss type approval number; - Engine identification number; - Rated power with speed; - Factory or trade name of the replacement silencer or catalytic converter; - Commercial designation (marking) of the replacement silencer or -catalytic converter; - Complete EC or ECE approval number of the replacement silencer or catalytic converter; http://www.speedpro.de/service-datenblatt.htm *The system does not have to be tested or demonstrated, nor does it count as a document for any registration with any Swiss authority. For any entries in the vehicle documents and demonstrations at Swiss testing authorities and acceptance by these, we assume no warranty or costs. Excluded from the warranty are articles that are delivered outside the EU. Likewise, Speed Products GmbH does not recognize any complaints about products supplied by authorities outside the EU (such as the Swiss MEK). We do not accept any noise and/or emission measurements from authorities or experts who are active outside the EU and are not certified by Tüv.
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