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The muffler with ABE/EG and test mark in this combination not yet homologated, but can be registered by individual acceptance. Non-homologated dampers do not necessarily come with homologated E number, but if necessary with manufacturer identification. We do not guarantee success or costs for this registration. For the rest, the following applies: for replacement exhaust systems or individual parts of these systems as independent technical units according to Directive: 97/24/EU Annex 9 According to § 19 paragraph 2, StVZO, in conjunction with paragraph 3, number 2 and paragraph 4, it is not necessary for the holder of the type approval to provide a copy of the type approval or a certificate of conformity if the exhaust systems are marked with approval marks. Thus, such a document is not available to the vehicle owner. Consequently, the submission of such documents cannot be demanded.
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