SPEEDPRO COBRA CR2 HEXAGON Slip-on road legal/EC/ECE approved KTM 1290 Super Duke R

Item number: 866-5096-348

Slip-on exhaust including the muffler, link pipe and the complete mounting kit.

- Carbon endcap
- Made in Germany
- Plug and Play installation
- full racing sound
- Performance
- DB Killer
- Premium quality
- street legal ECE/EC approved

Category: KTM Super Duke 1290 R - Cobra motorcycle exhausts - 2014 - 2019

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Shipping time: 10 - 11 workdays

Sleeve length
Mounting method

not available for carbon sleeve

  • The bracket is welded to the muffler by us, so the annoying mounting of a clamp is not necessary. Carbon is only possible with a clamp.
  • Super light V2A stainless steel in high gloss polished. May discolor over time due to heat development.

  • Matt Black

    Ceramic Coating has been designed to protect both metal and nonmetal substrates. Additionally, the Matt Black has been designed to withstand extreme use

    temperatures (800°C). This makes the coating ideal exhaust systems and components. Matt Black Ambient Cure Ceramic Coatings maintain excellent adhesion even after

    repeated thermal Cycling.

  • Titanium Finish: is a design effect to give the stainless steel a Titanium structure and look. Discolering might be possible under heat. Titanium Works Finish takes on a unique coloring after it goes through a heat cycle on the motorcycle that looks much like those titanium works components .
    Contemporary Satin/matte finish - Uniform heat coloration - Increased fatigue strength - Increased scratch and stain resistance

  • Carbon: the super light material Carbon fiber reinforced plastic, also known as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), also shortens carbon fiber, carbon or carbon, is a composite material in which carbon fibers are embedded in a plastic matrix.
    The matrix serves to connect the fibers and to fill the spaces between them. The material epoxy resin is usually chosen as the matrix.

    Carbon is only heat-resistant to a limited usage. *

    Speed Products has therefore developed thermal insulation that protects the carbon from the inside against the hot exhaust gases.
    We have christened this proprietary development RI Carbon: Reinforced Carbon.
    However, for reasons of durability and of course considerable weight advantages, carbon is only recommended for racing.

    For a durable use in normal road traffic there are better materials, such as the stainless steel( 0,7mm) developed by Speed Products, which is also very light.

     Note: Carbon is only conditionally heat resistant and loses its gloss with use. However, this does not affect the stability of the carbon material.

    * * No holders/brackets can be welded to carbon shells and carbon muffler shells. A super light and very durable alternative are Speed Products stainless steel shells in Mattblack Ceramics in 0.7mm wall thickness.

    * Carbon shells and carbon muffler shells cannot have laser logos on them. We use appropriate heat resistant decals/stickers and/or 3 D nameplates. For sizes, please refer to the corresponding options.
    Again, a super light and very durable alternative are Speed Products stainless steel sleeves in Mattblack Ceramics in 0.7mm wall thickness, on which the laser logo can be applied. For sizes, please refer to the corresponding options.


Decal Cobra
Decal Cobra
  • SPEEDPRO COBRA - 3D Nameplate with 3 D Look.
    - Aluminium made


    * the apprx. size of the Cobra Logos are : 120x 30mm, SP Decal : 95 x67mm


  • SPEEDPRO COBRA - 3D Nameplate with 3 D Look.
    - Aluminium made


    * the apprx. size of the Cobra Logos are : 120x 30mm, SP Decal : 95 x67mm


  • SPEEDPRO COBRA Laserlogo exclusive

    *Laserlogo, not possible on Carbon material

    * with thin stainless steel, titanium or inconel material it might come to indentation of the sleeve material.
    But this does not stress the strenghten .

    * the maximal size of the Cobra Logo is: 90 x18mm, SP Logo : 36x 40mm


Your configuration

SPEEDPRO COBRA CR2 HEXAGON motorcycle exhaust systems are known for their quality and full sound. The mufflers/silencers are available in stainless steel, carbon or titanium finish.

Features: super low weight, removable DB Killer, super light holders, corrosion resistant construction, cylindrical, conical or round link pipes made of V2A stainless steel to achieve optimum ground clearance and low weight under feasible series specifications and to achieve improved performance development.

Brand: KTM
Model: 1290 Super Duke R
Notes & Exceptions: EURO4 EC/ECE EURO3 EC/ECE
Year: 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Exhaust series: Slip-on

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