Speed Pro MotoGP UltraconeRS Slip on Dual Pair Road Legal/EEC/ABE homologated Z 1000 + Z 1000 SX (Z1000/SX/Ninja 1000)

Item number: 923-4470-648

Slip on Dual kit w. ABE-EG* Complete mounting kit including all mounting parts, hangers, removable DB Killer*31.
Notes: *47

Category: Z 1000 / SX / Ninja 1000 2010-

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Sleeve length Dual

The shapes are available in different sleeve materials. The standard version 450 mm is available at no extra charge. Depending on the type of motorcycle, 450/400/350/300/200 mm lengths are available, for an extra charge. Some models are not available in 300/200 mm.See notes *43*34

link pipe / mid pipe
link pipe / mid pipe
  • Upgrade only.
  • Ultra Performance Coating based on silicon in matt black.
  • Titan Ceramics Ambient Cure Ceramic Coating has been designed to protect both metal and nonmetal substrates. Additionally, the Titan Ceramics has been designed to withstand extreme use temperatures (1,800°F). This makes the coating ideal exhaust systems and components. Titan Ceramics Ambient Cure Ceramic Coatings maintain excellent adhesion even after repeated thermal cycling. These coatings provide superior protection again corrosive environments and thermal shock.
  • Many high performance coatings claim to be capable of operating at high temperatures. Most coatings, however, fail as temperatures exceed 1.000°F. All of our high temperature Ultra Performance Coatings are stable up to 1.100°C. Our high temperature line consists of two high quality formulations, the Ultra Performance Satin Metallic series. Available in several metallized finishes, these coatings will not only give an attractive look but also works as a perfect thermal barrier that increases performance and horsepower by increasing heat scavenging during the exhaust cycle. Our coatings have shown lower radiant temperature between 400-600°F. Performance Proven Hight Temp. Coating Heat stable up to 1.100°C Excellent Corrosion Protection Extreme Hardness Maximum Chemical Resistance Thermal Barrier Protection
Mantelmaterial Dämpfermantel Dual StandardTitan Finish
MotoGP Logo
MotoGP Logo
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The Slip-on system is designed for the individual who wants improved performance without the expense and labor involved of a full system. This system produces a much richer and deeper sound than the quiet restrictive stock exhaust. The Slip-on system will give your bike a completely new look. 
MotoGP Slip-on System with DB Killer

  • A beautiful result with a simple procedure using tensioning springs.
  • Simple mounting, including set up and spring-loading between the MotoGP exhaust system components (mufflers and link pipes) and the remaining parts of the stock exhaust system.
  • Removal of restrictions on the motor, leading to considerable increases in available power and torque.
  • Precision workmanship using high-tech materials.
  • Characteristic deep penetrating sound.
  • Aesthetic enhancement of the entire motorcycle.
  • Excellent compromise between price, quality and performance.
  • Reports on testing of Slip-on systems.

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