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SPEEDPRO Catalyst EURO 3 converter // // 300 cpsi// 100x 53mm

Item number: 106-2143

Preis per Stk. pro Dämpfer. Anmerkungen* Katalysator EURO 3 // 300 cpsi// 53mmx100mm *e1 Findet Verwendung bei Kawasaki ZZR 1400/Z1000, Hayabusa und Scooter. Ebenso BMW K1300.

Category: Catalysts

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Advanced performance of catalyst, wide range of three-way window, high conversion effciency. 
Excellent performance of temperature, space velocity and A/F ratio.  Low loading of precise metal and high performance/price ratio. 
Uniformly covered by catalyst, frm, rustproof, steady.
Brilliant endurance can meet the emission standard of EURO 3 and more strict emission standard.

Characteristic: conventional pollutants are HC, CO,NOx,  the temperature of exhaust gas  is above 1000?,  the HGSV>100000h-1, high vapor concentration(about 10%), high sulfur condition(SOx), so  the  catalytic  reaction  condition  is very  rigorous, under  such circumstance  the  catalyst  is  required  actively  and  endurance  for 100,000KM with low loading of precious metal.

(1)Close-coupled catalyst(CCC): also named Close-coupled catalyst, it is assembled and closed to the engine in order to increase the conversion effciency of HC  in  lower  temperature,  the  function  is  to  stabilize  the activation under water vapor condition,  sulfur-poisoned  and high-temperature  sintering  resistance(still working within the temperature 800?1050?)

(2)Three-way catalyst: it  is assembled  in  the middle of chassis to convert the CO,HC, NOx , the function is to stabilize the activation under water  vapor  condition,   sulfur-poisoned,  wide window temperature  can  solve  the  conversion  efficiency drop when A/F fuctuate a lot.
? Substrate: ceramic honeycomb or metal honeycomb
? Supporter: rare-earth oxygen-storage material
? Promoter: ZrO2,La2O3 and so on
? Active components: Pt, Pd, Rh and so on

The catalytic reaction theory of exhaust purge

HC+O2 ? CO2+H2O (1)

CO+O2 ? CO2 (2)

NO+CO ? N2+CO2 (3)

NO+HC ? CO2+N2+H2O (4)

NO+H2 ? N2+H2O (5)

CO+H2O ? CO2+H2 (6)

HC+H2O ? CO+H2 (7)

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