SPEEDPRO COBRA CR2 HEXAGON Slip-on Road Legal/EEC/ABE homologated

Item number: 866-XXXX-848

Slip-on kit w. ABE-EG* Complete mounting kit including all mounting parts, hangers, removable DB Killer*31.
Optional  Aluminium/CarbonRi/Titanium plus upgrades in short lengths.

Category: Replacement muffler

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Shipping time: 10 - 11 workdays

sleeve length
  • Please inform us about your bike, year and model.
  • Super light V2A stainless steel in high gloss polished. May discolor over time due to heat development.

  • Matt Black

    Ceramic Coating has been designed to protect both metal and nonmetal substrates. Additionally, the Matt Black has been designed to withstand extreme use

    temperatures (800°C). This makes the coating ideal exhaust systems and components. Matt Black Ambient Cure Ceramic Coatings maintain excellent adhesion even after

    repeated thermal Cycling.

  • Titanium Finish: is a design effect to give the stainless steel a Titanium structure and look. Discolering might be possible under heat. Titanium Works Finish takes on a unique coloring after it goes through a heat cycle on the motorcycle that looks much like those titanium works components .
    Contemporary Satin/matte finish - Uniform heat coloration - Increased fatigue strength - Increased scratch and stain resistance

  • Carbon: the super light material Carbon fiber reinforced plastic, also known as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), also shortens carbon fiber, carbon or carbon, is a composite material in which carbon fibers are embedded in a plastic matrix. The matrix serves to connect the fibers and to fill the spaces between them. The material epoxy resin is usually chosen as the matrix. Carbon is only heat-resistant to a limited extent. Speed Products has therefore developed thermal insulation that protects the carbon from the inside against the hot exhaust gases. We have christened this proprietary development RI Carbon: Reinforced Carbon. However, for reasons of durability and of course considerable weight advantages, carbon is only recommended for racing. For a durable use in normal road traffic there are better materials, such as the stainless steel( 0,7mm) developed by Speed Products, which is also very light.

Decal Cobra
Decal Cobra
  • heat resistant
  • SPEEDPRO COBRA - 3D Nietenschild - wunderschönes geschliffenes Aluminium im 3D Look
  • SPEEDPRO COBRA Laserlogo exclusiv, edel, einzigartig!

    *Laserlogo geht nicht auf Carbon^

    * Bei dünnem Material wie 1mm oder düneres Edelstahblech- und Rohr und/oder Titanrohr kann es zu leichten Einwölbungen beim Lasern
    Das beieinträchtig nicht die Stabilität des Materials.

    * die maximale Größe des Logos ist in mm : 90 x18


Anschlussdurchmesser innen
Your configuration
CR2 Tri-oval® HEXAGON

SPEEDPRO COBRA CR2 Tri-oval® HEXAGON motorcycle exhaust systems are known for their quality and full sound. The mufflers/silencers are available in different length, materials and shapes.

More features are:

- Made in Germany
- low weight
- removable DB Killer
- super-light holder
- corrosion-resistant construction
- 3 years warranty
- full sound

Exhaust series: Slip-on

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