Cobra Slip-On

Slip-Ons are a great way to enhance 

your bike’s look, sound and performance. 

Slip-Ons are designed to utilize 

the stock exhaust system header. 
















Cobra Slip-On

Slip-Ons are a great way to enhance your bike’s look, sound and performance. Slip-Ons are designed to utilize the stock exhaust system header. Depending on the make and model of your motorcycle, Slip-Ons either bolt directly onto the flange of the original tail pipe, or includes a Cobra tail/ mid-pipe that mounts to the collector of the original header. In many cases, Slip-Ons that includes a mid-pipe actually look like a Full System.


Slip-Ons are popular because they’re quick and easy to install, they’re lighter than the original muffler, they look and sound great and they instantly improve performance.